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CNC Machining

DTM'S machining operation uses both manual and CNC controlled machines. The manual machines are utilized in support of our CNC equipment. The following CNC equipment is available:

  • One high precision turning center made by Hardinge model Quest 51SP with bar feeder. This machine has a very rigid base design allowing us to produce turn parts with high concentricity and close tolerances.
  • A second CNC turning center with conversational programming features is set aside for making parts in low quantities, like a one-off sample.
  • One vertical machining center Haas model VF3APC, this machine is equipped with 2 pallets allowing us to set up one piece part for machining while another one is in the process of being machined. This is production time saving which clearly can be advantageous to our customers.

In our grinding department we have horizontal surface grinders, cylindrical grinders for external and internal grinding, tool and cutter grinders, universal tool and cutter grinders and a Walther CNC grinder. Our grinding department's main function is to support our in-house manufacturing efforts, however, it can also be offered as a service to customers.

Our welding shop has capabilities for welding stick, mig and tig, while most of our welding supports our own production; it is available for purchase too. We specialize in aluminum and stainless steel welding.

We also design some products per customer requirements before making the product for them. We utilize a Solid Works CAD equipped workstations for design and modeling. For example we designed and produced special lubrication fixtures for the automotive industries, in Detroit and other places throughout the United States. Our knowledge in the field of producing assembly lubrication dates back for more than 20 years.

CNC Bending

DTM uses a Horn CNC30TBRE to precisely bend tubes per customer provided drawings (see machine capabilities below). We primarily bend tubing using rotary draw bending. This method uses mandrels and dies to control the flow of the metal throughout the bending process. This process allows for tight tolerances of the bent shape and helps maintain the diameter of the tube throughout the bend. With our in-house CNC machining capabilities, we can manufacture tooling to meet your specific application, providing you with a one-stop solution for your contract bending needs.

We also utilize roll bending to produce parts to customer specifications. This process is generally used for large radius applications where it is not feasible to make a die and employ the rotary bending process. Roller dies are used in this application with the radius and angle determined by how much the bend arm rotates and how far the tube is pushed. A video of our machine operating at a trade show is a great example of both rotary and roll bending.

Bending Video

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Photo: Hass Model VF3APC vertical machining center.

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Photo: CNC Lathe/Turning machine center